Iran transexual
Iran transexual

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The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites. Homosexuals are doing something unnatural and against religion," says Kariminia. Or it could be meant as an intrinsically Western perspective which is associated with liberalism and democracy and would and has denounced certain Islamic practices and views. Surgeries to alter congenital intersex conditions were reported in the Iranian press as early as

He called off the guards and invited her inside. Before the Islamic Revolution in , the issue of trans identity in Iran had never been officially addressed by the government. Danial, a transgender Iranian refugee at home in Turkey. Women's Studies Quarterly.

Equal age of consent [13]. They see Dr Mir-Jalali as a saviour. Archived from the original on They see it as someone who is consciously acting dirty.

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I hope for the gay men in Iran this law will change!!!!! Play Video. This is heart breaking.

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Before the Islamic Revolution inthe issue Iran transexual trans identity in Iran had never been officially addressed by the government.

Beginning in the mids, however, transgender individuals were officially recognized by the Ritzkes nacktbild and allowed to undergo sex reassignment surgery. The government provides up to half the cost for those needing financial assistance, and a sex change is recognized on the birth certificate.

Those who get these surgeries performed are subject to social stigma from their families and communities. Surgery for intersex conditions have been practiced in Iran since the s. At the time Khomeini was a radical, anti-Shah revolutionary and his fatwas did not carry any weight with the Imperial government, which did not have any specific policies regarding transgender individuals.

The new religious government that came to be established after the Iranian Revolution classed transgender people and crossdressers with gays and lesbianswho were condemned in shah's era and faced the punishment of lashing or even death under Iran's penal code. One early campaigner for transgender rights was Maryam Hatoon Molkarawho had been assigned male at birth but identified as female. Before the revolution, she had longed to become physically female but could not afford surgery and wanted religious authorization.

Inshe began to write letters to Khomeini, who was to become the leader of the revolution and was in exile. After the revolution, she was fired, forcibly injected with male hormonesand institutionalized. She was later released with help from her connections and continued to lobby many other leaders. Later she went to see Khomeini, who had returned to Iran.

During this visit, she was subjected to beatings from his guards because she was wearing a binder and they suspected she could be armed. Khomeini, however, did give her a letter to authorize her sex reassignment operation, which she later did in Khomeini's original fatwa has since been reconfirmed by the current leader of Iran, Ali Khameneiand is also supported by many other Iranian clerics. The process of undergoing sex reassignment surgery is extensive and rather arduous.

The individual goes through four to six months of therapy, hormone tests, and chromosomal tests to undergo a process known as "filtering". Filtering is the separation of homosexuals, who are deemed as "deviant", from transsexuals, who are deemed as "curable" by undergoing surgery.

All legal documents, such as birth certificates and passports, are also changed accordingly. Hojatoleslam Kariminia, a mid-level cleric who is in favor of transgender rights, has stated that he wishes "to suggest that the right of transsexuals to change their gender is a human right" and that he is attempting to "introduce transsexuals to the people through my work and in fact remove the stigma or the insults that sometimes attach to these people.

Transsexual surgery is not actually legal under Iranian civil law, although the operations are carried out. Iranian law has both secular and religious components, and secular jurisprudence says nothing about transgender issues. UNHCR 's report says that sex reassignment surgery is performed frequently and openly in Iran, and that homosexual and cross-dressing men, although unrelated to trans identity, would be safe as long as they keep a low profile.

A study analyzes European and American literature about the topic as characterizing legalized transgender surgery at least partly motivated by a desire to enforce a heteronormative binary conception of gender, including 'forced' surgery for some gay people, and critiques that view as an Bonn sex shop. Transgender people have formed non-governmental organizations and support groups in Iran.

These groups provide information and skills to support transgender people, and work to combat social stigma. They often rely on the medical model and "treat" transgender identity as a disease. Although this contributes to the pathology of transgender experiences, it gives space for individuals to identify themselves without the judgement of moral deviancy and identify other internalized stigmas.

Transgender director Saman Arastoo directs plays about trans people in Iran, casting transgender actors in the roles. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Transsexuality in Iran. Gender identities. Health care and medicine. Rights issues. Society and culture. Theory and concepts. By country. See also. Iran portal Transgender portal. British Broadcasting Corporation. Retrieved March 12, Fem Leg Stud thesis.

Women's Studies Quarterly. Surgeries to alter congenital intersex conditions were reported in the Iranian press as early as Ittila'at, October 27, World Policy Journal.

By Robert Tait". Archived from the original on IFP Iran transexual. Retrieved Transgender topics. Detransition Gender dysphoria In children Health care Pregnancy Sex reassignment therapy surgery to female to male.

Discrimination Cissexism Inequality Discrimination against non-binary gender people Transphobia Transmisogyny Rights Legal recognition of non-binary gender movement marriage organizations Toilets Bathroom bills Unisex Violence Trans bashing Unlawful killings Trans panic Yogyakarta Principles.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Part of a series on. LGBT portal Transgender portal. In accordance with Shiite version of Islamic law. Equal age of consent [13].

None for all LGBT Safer sex regeln oral. LGBT allowed to serve in the military [14]. Since s. No; binary only. MSMs allowed to donate blood.

The government provides up to half trannsexual cost for those needing financial assistance, and a sex change is recognized on the birth certificate. She tried to convince them it was just Iran transexual fashion, but the stress was becoming so unbearable that she dropped out of school. Very interesting. Anahita and her boyfriend got engaged after the operation.

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Transgender rights in Iran - Wikipedia. Iran transexual

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world; Why Iran’s Mullahs Bless Sex Reassignment. Iran has the death penalty for homosexuality but subsidizes sex reassignment surgery. BuzzFeed News looks at how Iran became a center of sex reassignment in the Middle East, and why many trans Iranians still find life impossible in . May 21,  · Surprisingly, Iran may be the most open-minded country in the Middle East when it comes to transgender issues, reports The Washington Post in a Author: Ariel Sobel. Sex changes have been legal in Iran since Ayatollah Khomeini, the spiritual leader of the Islamic revolution, passed a fatwa - a religious edict - authorising them for "diagnosed transsexuals" 25 years ago. Today, Iran carries out more sex change operations than any .
Iran transexual

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Before the Islamic Revolution in , the issue of trans identity in Iran had never been officially addressed by the government. Beginning in the mids, however, transgender individuals were officially recognized by the government and allowed to undergo sex reassignment of , Iran carries out more sex change operations than any other nation in the world except Thailand. Nov 20,  · In Iran, treatment of transgender people is a double-edged sword Iran — an Islamic theocracy that criminalizes consensual same-sex relations — presents a . In Iran authorities allow transsexual patients to change their name. 15, Estimates of the prevalence of transgender people are different in countries and highly dependent on the specific case definitions used in the studies, with prevalence rates varying by orders of magnitude. The most prevalence is from the Amsterdamand it suggests a.

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Iran transexual

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